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How to Start Marketing with Content You Already Have

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Ladies Room Chicago and Coalition Impact got to host the monthly coworking meetup for Deskpass in April, and during lunch, I led a mini-class with the ambitious title, “How to Start Marketing with Content You Already Have.”

If you missed the class – it was pretty awesome, see above – I’ve summarized some of the main take-aways here. These are based on insights I’ve gained over the last few years as a Hubspot-certified inbound content creator working with social impact businesses and organizations big and small.

Marketing, especially the ever-changing world of digital marketing, can be overwhelming, and starting with what you already have on hand can be a low-pressure way to get something posted already and provide the rush of a quick win.

Apply these tips to blog posts, website content and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

It’s All About You, Boo

Marketing content creator Hyacinth
Karen Hawkins is an inbound marketing content creator and certified Cat Lady.

Two things: 1) You and your staff are infinitely more interesting than you think; and 2) People like seeing who they’re dealing with.

If you have an existing website, your About Us page is a great source for quick social media posts. Include snippets from your bio(s) and use headshots as the art. Easy peasy. (See example at right.)

If you’re a single shingle and feel weird posting about yourself in the third person or at all, write a public congratulations to a client or your alma mater. It’s an indirect but still effective way of telling the world, “Hey, I’ve done work for this awesome company,” or “Lookit, I went to this fancy school.”

How Do You Do?

If you’ve ever used a YouTube video to figure out how to do something, you’ll understand the value of this one right away. Because people love how-to videos, and I guarantee you know how to do something that you can explain quickly to your audience that they’ll find valuable.

Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, it’s never been easier to record social media-ready video. Even if you aren’t ready to do a full cooking demo on Facebook Live, you can still experiment with 2-3 minute explainers about elements of your expertise.

If a hands-on how-to doesn’t appeal to you, answer a question you frequently get from customers or prospects, tackle a misconception about your industry or expound on a current event.

Fun Facts with Photos

Some of the most powerful posts on social media are those with a simple message and impactful art. Interesting facts about your industry, national holidays, random observance days (as I type this, it’s #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay) are all chances for fun or compelling original content.

If the idea of producing artwork has you hyperventilating, don’t worry. There are some awesome intuitive tools available that will help you channel your inner graphic designer.

Amateur graphic design secret weapons:

You Got This

Digital marketing? You totally got this, and what you needed to get started was there all along! Now go forth and post.


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